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NAWA is an independent and a non-profit organisation. It was established in 2005 to provide a variety of services to people of Nepali origin and their families in Western Australia. Anybody of Nepali origin and people with links to Nepal through marriage, business and/or friends of Nepal can become its members. NAWA is committed to create a community of people in Western Australia who bear an interest in supporting Nepal by connecting its members at individual level and at broader community level for mutual benefit. We aim to promote Nepalese culture, heritage and goodwill between Australia and Nepal.

NAWA has been operating since early 2000, bringing Nepalese in Western Australia together through various social and cultural events that it organized throughout the year. These events are a great time and place to increase your network, exchange knowledge and help each other gain some foothold in Western Australia. Nepalese community has been seen a massive growth, especially in WA in the last decade. Students and skilled migrants have played an immense role in strengthening the community. This has, in turn, helped preserve Nepali culture and diversity in Western Australia by liaising with other communities and celebrating the true spirit of Australian Multiculturalism.

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